Welcome to Digital-Blueprints

Updated May 24, 2008

Digital-Blueprints is a multi-tiered and multi-disciplinary digital content creation and design studio based in Killeen, Texas USA, who's primary mission is designing, preparing, and implementing automation for small to mid-size businesses, especially in the initial phases of set-up.

What does that mean to you? It means Digital-Blueprints handles absolutely ALL of your automation needs. We do everything from simple web design to "from the ground, up" automation support. Our specialty here at Digital-Blueprints is the Small Business start-up which allows us to ensure that everything works together. We can design and build your computer systems as well as your internal and external networks. We can create customized databases to track customers, inventory, employees, and just about anything else your business might need. And just as importantly, we can make sure everything is properly integrated the way it should be.

Each time that you deal with a separate vendor for a separate piece of hardware or software, you spend hours going back and forth between competing companies as each technician explains that the problem lies with "the other guy's" equipment or substandard workmanship. Let's face facts, in business, Time IS Money. Would you pay to be trapped in an elevator between floors? Of course not, no elevator music is that good!

So, why pay more for less when you can pay less for less? At first, it may come as a surprise that you will be getting less, but most people start warming up to the idea fast. Less hassle, less money owed, and less time wasted!

But, by all means, if you must be shackled by the idea of paying more to get more we encourage you to go to the "other guys." You will get to spend more time on the phone with customer service, speak with more vendors who will say the problem is not on their end, and experience more time where your customers will not be able to use your service.

Of course, with Digital-Blueprints, you won't be able to sample the many versions of elevator music used during those extended periods of time that you are on hold with each of your vendors, your phone soothingly pressed against your ear, your mind in a near euphoric catatonic state brought on by the mind numbing melodies that never seem to end. And, for that, we are extremely sorry. Fortunately, you won't be.

When you hire Digital-Blueprints, you can rely on having only one contractor who will simplify the digital process for you, making sure its done right the first time. Your business will experience streamlined automation with fully compatible structuring that ensures everything works perfectly together. If you do ever have a problem, or just want to tweak something, you can rest assured that your time won't be wasted on multiple phone calls because on the other end of the number you dial or the email you send is a team of professionals ready to realize your vision. With seamlessly integrated solutions and conflict free resolution you will never have to worry that the solution will result in new problems. We're ready to serve you.

Digital-Blueprints - Providing the Blueprints for your Business Success!